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28 November 2017 – Milan Ingegneria takes part in the “Re-cladding, Redesigning Architecture” event | Milan Ingegneria

The “Re-cladding, Redesigning Architecture” conference was organized by the magazine “THE PLAN”.

Maurizio Milan introduced some examples of building redevelopment realized with façade replacement technique, a constructive method that allows external image reinvention of buildings, improving technological characteristics and energy efficiency.

In particular, he presented the salvaging of the oldest thermoelectric power plant in Moscow, built by the Tsars on Moskva island between 1904 and 1908 to power the Kremlin.

Renzo Piano’s project, commissioned by the Leonid Mikhelson V-A-C Foundation, transforms the building into a large center dedicated to art: a social, cultural and educational experience focused not only on visual and performing arts and music but also science and sustainability