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3 March 2019 – The work site of the future Etruscan Museum in Milan is open to the public | Milan Ingegneria

The Luigi Rovati Foundation participated in the MuseoCity event for the entire day of Sunday, March 3, opening the doors of the Palazzo Bocconi-Rizzoli Carraro work site, at Corso Venezia 52, where the Etruscan Museum of Milan is being built.

This museum is part of a broader Fondazione Rovati project to promote and appreciate cultural, artistic and historical heritage. On 3 March, two Etruscan urns of the 2nd century BC were exhibited, decorated with stenciling typical of the clay production of the city of Chiusi. The urns were placed in the entrance hall of the building which is to undergo an intricate restoration.

Conceived by Mario Cucinella, the project envisages renovation and expansion works to both the building and the garden: the transformation will include the creation of underground space, evocative of the domed rooms typical of the Etruscan tombs. From the basement, the museum itinerary will unfold on different floors, integrating permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The new Museum aims to become a center of excellence in the field of conservation, study and appreciation of ancient finds as well as a national attraction for Etruscan archeology. A partnership will also be developed with the Civic Archaeological Museum of Milan, which has an important section dedicated to the Etruscan civilization.

The project involves the use of cutting-edge techniques, especially for excavation work carried out according to a precise sequence, devised to guarantee not only the static stability of the building but also the respect of archaeological finds.

Milan Ingegneria oversaw the engineering of the project and manages the execution of structural works.

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