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4 July 2019 – Milan Ingegneria takes part in the “Architecture and Engineering Real Estate Planning” conference promoted by “Il Quiotidiano Immobiliare”. | Milan Ingegneria

The Quotidiano Immobiliare organized the conference entitled: “Architecture and Engineering, real estate planning” which was held on 4 July 2019, at the Milan Innovation Campus in Peschiera Borromeo.

We talked about the trending waves of the future among the construction sector and analyzed the issues related to the world of Architecture and Engineering: a joining of forces to give life to real estate humanism. At the heart of the work, resides the integration of skills between the two spheres of design, from the work of project managers to digital technology as a “common language”, so as to center the activity on the human being, understood as the user of the building.

Maurizio Milan’s talk addressed the relationship between architecture and engineering as entirely complementary disciplines. “Milan Ingegneria” conducts its activities chiefly in support of Architecture while the combined design efforts of the two professions functions to consolidate resources and information, provide ideas and production criteria, as well as direct design choices with ample lead time.

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