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April 2019 – Emergency Pediatric Hospital in Uganda is becoming a reality: Massimiliano Milan talks about Entebbe’s experience. | Milan Ingegneria

On the occasion of a Zintek conference held at the Milan Triennale, Massimiliano Milan takes stock of the Emergency construction site in Uganda. The Pediatric Surgery Center is almost completed and, in a few months, it will be a reference center for children from all over Africa.

Driven to maximizing resource optimization, the technical choices were also prescribed by the donations of many Italian companies that have generously offered their collaboration. The building was built using the excavation soil, as a raw material for load-bearing masonry, a traditional local “pisé” technique. The covering was designed and built in collaboration with Zintek who supplied the roof cladding in Zinc-Titanium laminate.

The hospital was designed by the architect Renzo Piano in collaboration with TAMassociati, the structural design was conceived and developed by Massimiliano Milan of Milan Engineering, the plant design by Prisma Engineering and the landscape design by Franco and Simona Giorgetta.


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