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April 2021 – The new Emergency Hospital in Uganda has been inaugurated | Milan Ingegneria

The Pediatric Surgery Hospital built by Emergency in Uganda is finally operational. Located in Entebbe on the shores of Lake Victoria, 35 km from the capital Kampala, it emerged from the meeting between Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, and the architect Renzo Piano, combining medical excellence and outstanding architecture.

Its construction was made possible by the collaboration of a prodigious group of professionals and companies, in addition to the great generosity of many donors. The Ugandan government procured the land, Renzo Piano developed the project with TAMassociati, Milan Ingegneria designed the structures, and Prisma engineering planned the systems.

The hospital offers the best care available free of charge to children in Uganda and much of Central Africa, where the infant mortality toll under the age of five amounts to 49 per 1.000 deaths: 10 times more than in Italy. Uganda is the African equatorial country where 30% of these deaths are caused by the lack of adequate surgical care.

The hospital has 75 beds, three surgeries, an intensive care unit, rooms for staff training, and accommodation for health professionals. It is a model of medical excellence, environmental sustainability, energy independence and harmonious distribution of space.

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