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August 2019 – Milan Ingegneria verifies the seismic safety of the “Palazzo delle Scintille” in Milan. | Milan Ingegneria

The Palazzo delle Scintille, formerly Pavilion 3, was designed in 1923 by the architect Paolo Vietti Violi and was part of the old Milan Trade Fair, conceived and planned in the 1920s to showcase the excellence of international design and engineering. The primary structure resisted the bombings of the Second World War, the dome was destroyed and rebuilt after the war. In 1946 the space was temporarily used to host the opera season of the Teatro alla Scala. From 1960 to 1990 it was used for exhibitions and fair events and subsequently remained unused until the restoration of the facades in 2017. Now the structural safety of the building is to be verified and certified by Milan Ingegneria to permit its use for public functions within the new CityLife district.

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