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December 2020 – Milan Engineering in Steel Promotion n. 30 | Milan Ingegneria

The editorial of the Steel Promotion n. 30 Magazine is by Maurizio Milan, who by applying the principle of “Simple solutions to complex problems” addresses the topic of building extensions, where structure raising and going underground can represent an intelligent way to increase the availability of space without occupying new portions of land.

Massimiliano Milan describes the construction phases of the Etruscan Art Museum in Milan, designed by the architect Mario Cucinella. Inspired by the spaces of the Etruscan necropolis, the museum itinerary is situated below the historic Palazzo Bocconi-Rizzoli-Carraro in the heart of Corso Venezia.

The project comprised two new floors below the existing building and the garden, while keeping the integrity of the building and neighboring buildings intact.

The application of innovative and sophisticated technologies made it possible to keep the building complex suspended during all excavation and construction phases of the new basements. A careful monitoring of the surrounding area has proven the validity of the choices. With this attentiveness, the Rovati Foundation building and the surrounding structures have registered no signs of shifting or stability problems.

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