Lavora con noi
December 5, 2019 – Milan Ingegneria takes part in an event: “Autodesk Future of Making, Architecture, Engineering, Construction” in Milan. | Milan Ingegneria

Autodesk has organized a conference on digital transformation and innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, generative design, 3D printing, “Internet of things”, prefabrication and industrialization in construction.

Massimiliano Milan presented how Milan Ingegneria has used digital tools in engineering and in particular the BIM method, Building Information Modeling. BIM provides operators with an informative three-dimensional model not only to elaborate a shared design together and carry out interdisciplinary coordination, but also to extract analyses, simulations, calculations and quantities, produce graphic drawings, plan work and manage construction phases.

Since 2013, Milan Ingegneria has used the BIM method for structural and architectural design, going from 10% to 90% on all projects in just 7 years.