The new visiting path of the Museum of Civilization is part of the Ministry’s Strategic Plan, “Major Projects of Cultural Heritage”, as an act of national policy.

The reorganization of the Museum, designed by Isolarchitetti, provides for the rationalization of functions, routes and exhibition sections and the increase of spaces dedicated to study and research with the aim of transforming it into a real focal point of local, national and international cultural interest.

The Museum of Civilization was founded in 2016 with the incorporation of four national museums: the “Luigi Pigorini” Prehistoric Ethnographic Museum, the “Lamberto Loria” Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions, the “Alessandra Vaccaro” Museum of the Upper Middle Ages and the “Giuseppe Tucci” Museum of Oriental Art. This group includes the ISIAO collection, the Italian Institute for Africa and the East, and the IsMEO depository, the Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East, making the new institution one of the great international museums that cherish the records of human identity and history.

The museum location is the “Palazzo delle Scienze” designed for the 1942 Universal Exposition of Rome by architects Luigi Brusa, Gino Cancellotti, Eugenio Montuori, and Alfredo Scalpelli, coordinated by Marcello Piacentini.

Milan Ingegneria will be in charge of the Structural Planning and Safety Management.