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“Le Albere”: Ex-Michelin Area Redevelopment, Trento (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

“Le Albere”: Ex-Michelin Area Redevelopment, Trento (Italy)

The project, an innovative example of sustainable construction, consisted of the creation of 300 dwelling units, a 30,000-m2 business area, a car park, 30,000 m2 of roads and sidewalks and a five-ha park inside the 11-ha area of the former Michelin factory site in Trento. Renewable energy resources, materials locally available and “LEED” and “Casa Clima” certification schemes were used as part of the project.


Iniziative Urbane S.p.A.


2008 – 2013


€ 350.000.000


RPBW – arch. Renzo Piano


Comitgeo per la geologia, A.I.A. Engineering per la viabilità, Manens Intertecnica s.r.l. per gli impianti, Ingegneri Consulenti Associati per l’idraulica