Palazzo della Ragione, Setting up of the “Pezzo per Pezzo” [Piece by Piece] Exhibition, Padua (Italy)

The 6th edition of the International “Barbara Capocchin” Biennial presented an exhibition by Renzo Piano Building Workshop entitled “Pezzo per Pezzo” [Piece by Piece], featuring most of the Genoese architect’s projects. The exhibition was set up in the main hall of Padua’s Palazzo della Ragione, a building dating from the early 13th century that once housed the city’s courts. It represents one of the oldest and most distinctive monuments of that period.

The arrangement made use of a large number of square tables, one per project, on which the descriptive material was laid out. A number of models and very large photographic panels were suspended from the building’s ceiling, which represents one of the oldest and most precious examples of a roof that is shaped like the upturned keel of a ship.

A system of aluminium beams was designed and suspended with ropes and forks from the metal suspension hangers that support the vault’s tie beams, in order to allow the exhibition material and the lighting system to be suspended from above. The entire system was subsequently removed, without posing any problems to the building’s delicate structures.


Fondazione Barbara Capocchin




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RPBW – Arch. Renzo Piano