Restoration of the Orangerie and the Lower Royal Palace Gardens, Turin (Italy)

Originally a greenhouse for citrus fruits, the Orangerie is located at the Royal Museums of Turin, on the northern border of the Lower Royal Palace Gardens, along Regina Margherita Avenue. The building complex was restored in the ’70s with the addition of reinforced concrete floors and lofts as well as a glass exterior structure.

The restoration project of the three buildings concerns the reception facilities for visitors: Museum Shop, new entrance, hall with ticket office, café, restaurant, auditorium and areas for teaching and offices. A covered walkway will connect the Orangerie with the terraces that surround the Upper Gardens and the Royal Museums, allowing for a new view of the northern area of the city and making it possible to open the lower gardens areas to the public and museum visitors.


Musei Reali di Torino


2017—In progress




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