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December 2018 – milan engineering concludes dynamic laser scanner survey trial in bim model for the SI.RE.NA. Project financed by the Lombardia Region with European Union Funds (ERDF). | Milan Ingegneria

Milan Engineering, with the support of the architect Andrea Donadello, concludes the trial of the new building chain to be implemented in Smart Design of urban building redevelopment.

The trial consented the importing of the main BIM into software available on the market by means of the *e57, 3D point cloud interchange format – the results of dynamic surveys conducted by Gexcel, linking also to 3D point clouds with higher definition – results of surveys produced with static laser scanner.

The designed system was also tested by associating the color data to the numeric data: By processing the collected data, it was possible to create a suitable 3D model for design information management, assigning a specific ID code to each architectural element.

This modus operandi provided for the attainment of accurate models, drastically reducing acquisition and modeling times and consequently the costs.

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