Restoration and conservation

Arechi Stadium Restyling

Salerno | Italy


Campania Region, ARUS Regional Agency Universiade for Sport.
Architectural design
GAU Arena, Studio Zoppini Architects
Amount of works
80.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design
Restoration and conservation
Capacity 35,000 seats
Construction technique
steel, reinforced concrete

A state-of-the-art, modern and inclusive stadium

The restyling of the Arechi Stadium in Salerno is a revolutionary project that will breathe new life into the existing facility, transforming it into a state-of-the-art stadium where safety, sustainability and quality come together with the excellence of world-class soccer.
Respect and appreciation for the city, the team and its fans are the basis of the conception of the project.

At the core is a focus on sustainability through the use of cutting-edge technologies that minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency. The new stadium is totally inclusive, with no architectural or social barriers. It is a place that combines passion for sports with respect for the environment and love for the community.

Aerial view of Salerno's new Arechi Stadium project
© GAU Arena
Rendering exterior view of project New Arechi Stadium in Salerno
© GAU Arena
Rendering view of grandstands and playing field new Salerno Arechi Stadium
© Studio Zoppini Architects
Rendering Skybox project new Salerno Arechi Stadium
© GAU Arena
Rendering sea view from the interior of Salerno's new Arechi Stadium
© Studio Zoppini Architects

International Standards

The Stadium, in its current state, has spectator stands arranged in two rings. The lower ring presents strong visibility criticalities. The project involves the demolition and subsequent construction of the lower ring as a natural extension of the upper one, obtaining better visibility and a compact bowl.

On the new stands built in the corners, glazed volumes are planned to accommodate hospitality spaces and terraces and allow visual continuity from the playing field toward the sea.
Eighteen new Skyboxes will also be built, ideal for experiencing the excitement of the game in a private and exclusive environment.

The new roof will help improve the experience and comfort of all spectators, acoustic dispersion, and lighting and photovoltaic panels will be integrated.

The new facade will give visual and functional identity to the new Stadium. It is a skin that runs along the entire perimeter at the new roof. The aluminum with its reflective action captures the light constantly changing the perception of the facade, imitating the reflected light play of the sea waves.

The project will create spaces with a high degree of flexibility, which on match days will function as lounges and during the week will host events and conferences.

New grandstands and roofing project Salerno's Arechi Stadium
New grandstands and facade project Salerno's Arechi Stadium

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