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Milan | Italy


Borio Mangiarotti S.p.A.
Architectural design
MCA Mario Cucinella Architects
Amount of works
250.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design
Residential | Offices
118,000 square meters (offices 20,000 square meters + residences 66,000 square meters)
Construction technique
reinforced concrete

"A New Tune of the City"

Near the dynamic Lorenteggio neighborhood, which is already the subject of urban regeneration policies, Quarry Park, assiduously frequented by the Milanese, and the former San Cristoforo railroad yard, for which a similar destination is hypothesized, stands the new SeiMilano settlement.
It is an urban regeneration project on an area of more than 300,000 square meters, a new multifunctional district with offices, retail space and residences, set in a park of more than 16 hectares.

The Project covers the area west of Milan connected to the center by the M1 line, in continuity with the Raggi Verdi metropolitan green ring, the city's largest green infrastructure. The Master Plan envisions about 1,000 residential units facing a tree-lined boulevard, three tower buildings for office use and a commercial area.

Render Residential Buildings SeiMilano
Render buildings new neighborhood SeiMilano
Render buildings new neighborhood SeiMilano
Render detail terraces and balconies new neighborhood SeiMilano
Render outdoor spaces new neighborhood SeiMilano

An inhabited park, open to the citySite

The strength of the project is the open space, conceived as an inhabited park open to the city dedicated to sports and leisure around which the mixed functions are distributed on the two directions of strong urban significance located on the northern and eastern borders of the area, leaving the green system of the park untouched.

The driveway boulevard following the north-south direction is the backbone of the settlement, linking together a share of the residences, tertiary volumes and commercial spaces
The pedestrian axis along the northern end accommodates other residential volumes and plays a key role in connecting with the existing urban fabric, fitting into the center of a service system consisting of cultural religious and sports infrastructure that to date is still disconnected.

SeiMilano project masterplan

The structural challenge

The structures of the residential subdivision consist of groups of 3, 4 and 5 buildings with a common basement floor and a floor connecting the above-ground buildings rising 8 or 9 stories for a total of 20 buildings.
The underground structures are enclosed within a rigid box system consisting of a foundation slab, perimeter walls against the ground and a reinforced concrete slab to close the box.
Above-ground structures are composed of reinforced concrete columns and cores that serve the functions of structural elements subjected to vertical and horizontal actions.

Construction site new neighborhood SeiMilano
construction sites buildings new neighborhood SeiMilano
Scaffolding construction site SeiMilano
Construction sites realization project SeiMilano
Construction site realization project new neighborhood SeiMilano

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