Siemens Italy Headquarters

Milan | Italy


Siemens S.p.A.
Architectural design
Barreca & La Varra
Amount of works
21.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Construction management
15,500 square meters
Construction technique
steel, reinforced concrete

Flexibility and efficiency

Casa Siemens is the new 15,500-square-meter office building that the German multinational wanted on Via Vipiteno in Milan, with the aim of building its headquarters within an 86,000-square-meter property area. It houses management, offices and laboratories.
It is an efficient structure because it minimizes the impact on the site by concentrating construction to the maximum, takes advantage of the natural orientation of the site, incorporates active and passive energy-saving systems, and has a simple structure that allows flexibility of space use over time.

Siemens Italia's new headquarters in Milan is a comb-shaped building with four floors occupied by offices and a basement housing services, canteen and laboratories. The design follows standard dimensional principles and modules that Siemens applies worldwide.
Special attention is paid to the principles of sustainability demonstrated by obtaining LEED Gold certification.

Entrance to new Siemens Italia headquarters on Via Vipiteno in Milan
©Carola Merello
Night view of new Siemens Italia headquarters in Milan
©Carola Merello
Courtyard new Siemens Italia headquarters in Milan
©Carola Merello
Trees in the courtyard of the new Siemens Italia headquarters on Via Vipiteno in Milan, Italy.
©Carola Merello

A building that looks to the future

The building was designed based on the "Construction Excellence Office Building" design guidelines dictated by the company. It is built around two courtyards paved and enriched with plant elements, onto which the ground floor is overlooked by collective services such as auditorium, bar and restaurant.
The remaining three floors house offices divided into open space, private offices and meeting rooms, from which there is access to the garden roofs of the auditorium and cafeteria. The building is surrounded by green areas, both to ensure the quality of open spaces and to extend the distance from the existing buildings on Sterzing Street.
At the entrance is one of four sculptures designed by Daniel Libeskind that marked the intersection of the Cardo and Decumanus at Expo2015 in Milan, commissioned by Siemens.

Daniel Libeskind statue in front of the entrance to Siemens Italia's new headquarters in Milan, Italy
©Carola Merello

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