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Venice Carpet Museum, S. Giorgio Maggiore island, Venice (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Venice Carpet Museum, S. Giorgio Maggiore island, Venice (Italy)

When Fondazione Cini in Venice was donated a valuable, varied collection of 1330 carpets, such great opportunity to preserve and present the public with a collection of carpets from different ages and areas of the world gave rise to the idea of opening a Carpet Museum. To this end, the building which formerly hosted the city’s naval school will be renovated; it is located on the San Giorgio island behind the church designed by Andrea Palladio.
Two “exhibition machines” were invented to display 150 catalogued carpets, horizontally lying on a series of drawers. Visitors can directly control these two large containers – each consisting of 75 horizontal drawers (5 m x 3 m each) – on a touch screen and choose a carpet or series of carpets to display.

The rooms are characterised by controlled atmosphere and predetermined “colour temperature” lighting with filtered ultraviolet rays to ensure the best possible preservation of the carpets. A repair and control workshop will ensure a high level of maintenance of these important pieces representing one of the finest forms of artistic craftsmanship.
The building will be clad with panels made of interwoven metal sheets (titanium, steel, bronze, brass and other alloys), that imitate the techniques of rug weaving and will make the façades attractive and colourful.


Fondazione Giorgio Cini




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