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Centre Commercial Auchan à Bussolengo, Vérone (Italie) – Milan Ingegneria

Centre Commercial Auchan à Bussolengo, Vérone (Italie)

The Auchan Shopping Centre in Bussolengo, currently covering an area of 22,000 sq. m, was built in 1974 and expanded in several stages. The expansion plan will add a built surface area of 14,800 sq. m, along with a parking area and green areas for a total of 30,000 sq. m.

The “Food Court”, a large elliptical area with different restaurants, is at the heart of the project, also comprising a covered square which will become a gathering and meeting place.


Gallerie Commerciali Italia S.p.A.


2015 – 2017


€ 16.000.000


Lombardini 22 con Studio Conti Associati