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Congress Hall, Rimini (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Congress Hall, Rimini (Italy)

The new conference centre in Rimini, designed by architect Volkwin Marg of GMP Hamburg, covers an area of 38,117 m2 and develops along Via della Fiera, the site of the city’s old fairgrounds. It is part of a major urban area which underwent overall redevelopment. Due to the architectural and construction choices made and the construction time imposed, the project was considered ambitious and gave strong impetus to the city’s conference industry. The conference centre in Rimini is the largest conference venue in Italy, with a total usable area of 27,000 m2, and 9,300 seats inside 42 halls. Demolition of the old halls on the area which would undergo intervention started at the beginning of 2005, while construction works began the following year. Designed by paying particular attention to the environment, the complex is characterised by its modular conference and exhibition spaces and the high number of parking spaces available, making it possible to host several events at the same time.

An overall project focusing on green areas was included in the wider redevelopment project; it will allow the Parco dell’Ausa to be connected to the sea, the quarry pond banks to be restored and a road bridge to be constructed on Via della Fiera, under which cycling lanes and pedestrian walks will link the conference centre to the sea. The conference centre is composed of two main buildings, connected by a system of foyers and related amenities. Three entrances – the main one on the side closer to the sea and two secondary ones – ensure easy access to the halls. The ground floor has a surface of 20,000 m2, the first floor of 6,000 m2 and the second floor, where a restaurant will be opened, of 1,000 m2. The shell shape of the complex is a clear homage to the territory – the sea and its fruits – and is also in line with Renaissance architecture and images that have always been dear to Volkwin Marg. The “shell” is completely covered by opaque glass, while the transparent glass used for the entrances and skylights on the roof characterise the premises: light is the protagonist of this project.


Rimini Fiera


2005 – 2011


€ 82.500.000


GMP – Von Gerkan, Marg