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Expansion of the GALDI S.p.A. headquarters, Treviso (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Expansion of the GALDI S.p.A. headquarters

The Galdi factory, which has been producing mechanical systems for filling and packaging dairy products and fruit juices for more than 30 years, decides to expand the Treviso headquarter premises, creating a new executive building.

The structure comprises three levels including a basement and houses exhibition and conference rooms on the first floor, a cafeteria and gym on the ground floor and a parking garage with technical rooms in the basement.

The structure is in reinforced concrete with an entirely metallic curvilinear roofing covered by a photovoltaic system.

The building is designed according to the most modern techniques for the rational use of energy sources: from the continuous high energy containment glass to the large central skylight that allows the use of natural light in all the rooms. The project is designed to be recognized with LEED Gold certification.




2017 – In progress


€ 4.700.000


Architetti Roberto Nicoletti e Fabio Beretta