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Ferrari Winery in Trento (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Ferrari Winery in Trento (Italy)

The Lunelli Group, a historic producer of Italian sparkling wines, devoted to quality and pursuing a way forward in communicating the excellence of their products, has launched a plan to improve and expand the Trento production site.

The project is part of the Lunelli family’s mission to cultivate Italian excellence and bond with the territory through the enhancement of their wine estates. The brand excellence, production essence and product enchantment of the Ferrari Winery are conceived to give people a passionate experience.

The Trento facility, notably the production heart of Ferrari sparkling wine, was established in 1902 and is located at a key hub in northern Italy motorway traffic, the Trento Sud exit of the A22 Verona-Brennero motorway.

The increasing demand and need to maintain their production levels high has prompted the Lunelli family to expand their facilities with a structure that will be entirely underground once completed and therefore totally imperceptible, located under a vineyard and connecting to existing wineries without being visible externally.


Ferrari F.lli Lunelli S.P.A.


2019 – in progress

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