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Land use plan, Durrës, Vorë and Shijak (Albania) – Milan Ingegneria

Land use plan, Durrës, Vorë and Shijak (Albania)

The Albanian Ministry of Urban Development has launched a tender for designing the land use plans of 26 municipalities, including Durrës, Vorë and Shijak.
The planning of the urban system of the three municipalities is part of a larger programme initiated by the Government and aimed at regulating the development of the entire national territory.
The area, which covers 470 sq km, is located in the central coastal part of the country, west of the capital Tirana, and has a population of 320,000 inhabitants.
Durrës is the second largest city of Albania.

Together with Tirana, the city constitutes, at a strategic level, the only expanding metropolitan area of the country: the current population of one million inhabitants is expected to increase in the near future.
Relevant national infrastructure is found in the region, as well as the main port of Albania and the new “Aleksander Moisiu” public university. The region also serves as a point of passage of the Corridor VIII of the European transnational transport system, crossing the territories of Italy, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.


Ministero per lo Sviluppo Urbano dell’Albania


2016 – 2017


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