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Management complex in Milan (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Management complex in Milan (Italy)

An important decision: regenerating, protecting the ground, applying high sustainability levels, reducing energy consumption and creating a new image for a strategically located building.

These are the principles that inspired our client to decide to demolish a complex still efficient since the 1950s in Via Vittor Pisani, near Milan Central Station.

The modular facade system is an innovative model featuring white ceramic aspects, called “ceramic trees”, treated with titanium dioxide, thus self-cleaning, oxygen-regenerating and pollution-reducing; ergo, its name, “hidden forest”. 

The project includes a glazed volume on the large terrace on level 8, housing offices with splendid city skyline views to enjoy.

Great attention will be focused on respecting sustainability and efficiency principles, including the well-being of those working in these environments. LEED and WELL Platinum certification procedures were initiated with the project launching.


Antonello Manuli Holdings


2019 – In progress


Tectoo – Arch. Susanna Scarabicchi