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New Port Passenger Terminal, Messina (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

New Port Passenger Terminal, Messina (Italy)

The growth of the cruise industry has brought to the decision by the Port Authority of Messina to build a new port passenger terminal. The new building has low visual impact and features a lightweight corrugated roof which will be easily picked out from the city’s skyline. The design is geared to sustainability and energy efficiency which will be achieved by reducing the building’s thermal load due to solar radiation, with insulation and natural ventilation which will be integrated by traditional systems.

The transparent glass wall facing the sea lets light in the building, and is emphasised by the geometry of the pillars which alternate on the inside. The roof has been designed in laminated wood which is light, low-cost and sustainable, and guarantees easy maintenance, sound-absorption and good seismic performance.
The modular internal layout provides a flexible use of space according to passenger flow.


Port Authority of Messina


2015 – In progress


€ 2.977.000


ODB – Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners