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Pavilion Zero fit-out at Expo Milano 2015, Milan (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Pavilion Zero fit-out at Expo Milano 2015, Milan (Italy)

Pavilion Zero, located at the main North entrances to the exhibition site, provides a remarkable introduction to the Expo Milan 2015 theme “Feeding the planet – Energy for life”, also evoked by the pavilion’s internal fit-out.
Inside the pavilion, a scenic path through ten halls takes the visitor along evocative spaces characterised by highly symbolic images. The aim is not “explaining”, but rather making visitors feel involved and empathically engage their attention.
Inside the pavilion are the Hall of Remembrance, a majestic wooden installation representing an ideal library; the Digital Wall, a video projection system consisting of 18 projectors; the Tree of Life, an artificial tree 21 m high and of 6 m of diameter, which comes out of the floor and breaks through the roof; the Domesticated Plants hall, with 13 holographic panels representing a large number of species; the Domesticated Animals hall, where animals are represented as sculptures.

Visitors are then taken through the hall where agricultural tools and containers for food storage are displayed; the Valley of Civilizations hall at the centre of the pavilion; the Industrial Revolution hall; the global food stock exchange hall, and, finally, the hall on food waste hosting an installation depicting huge quantities of edible waste heaped up in piles.


Fiera Milano S.p.A.




€ 5,500,000


Prof. Davide Rampello