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Restarting Community Spaces Segrate, Milan (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Restarting Community Spaces Segrate, Milan (Italy)

Milan Ingegneria and Studio Ricatti win the “Restarting Community Spaces” competition: the urban renewal of an area in Segrate comprising a new residential and school complex.

This project aims to enrich the biodiversity of the area, characterized by a dense network of canals, creating an ensemble of public spaces merging seamlessly with the existing ecosystem. A congruous park dense with vegetation guarantees the enjoyment of the natural environment adjoining the collective spaces.

The residential complex is set in a high-quality natural setting and provides diversified housing without forgoing urban services.

The school encompasses pavilions surrounded by greenery and will be a reference point for the community as a learning space open to the territory. The outdoor areas are designed for both educational and recreational activities.

A wooden structure ensures expedited building, high-level structural safety and affordability. The design choices follow bio-architecture principles and will receive LEED protocol certification.


City of Segrate



Project value

€ 12.000.000


Studio Ricatti