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Restoration of Palazzo del Parco in Bordighera, Imperia (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Restoration of Palazzo del Parco in Bordighera, Imperia (Italy)

The project concerns the restoration of a building known as “Palazzo del Parco”, located in the centre of Bordighera. The lot was originally occupied by the Hotel du Parc, an eclectically shaped edifice, built in the early 1900s, that was heavily bombed during the Second World War and underwent restyling in the 1970s.
The work constitutes a substantial part of a more extensive redevelopment and the new building will become the key feature for the entire area, even from a landscape viewpoint, be it because of the presence of the Municipal Park or because of the Theatre at its rear.
During the course of the last century numerous interventions were carried out that altered the Palazzo’s shape and its function. Today it is in a state of serious disrepair and its sole purpose is to act as the entrance to the theatre.

The ground floor of the building will eventually house tourism-related offices with the upper floors being occupied by public service offices and all of the different departments of the Municipality of Bordighera. The connection with the Theatre at the rear will remain.
Reducing the front of the building from its current 48 metres to a planned 41 metres, will allow the visual impact to be limited from the south and from the park, but above all it will lead to improvements in the city’s road network.
The building will be characterised by so-called “eco-friendly” features and other solutions designed to ensure lower energy consumption and maximum energy efficiency.


Immobiliare Angst


2014 – 2018


€ 3.200.000


Tectoo Architects – Arch. Susanna Scarabicchi