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Restoration of the former Salin factory, Naples (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Restoration of the former Salin factory, Naples (Italy)

The Salin Factory in Naples was founded in early 1900 for the production of ammunition and later converted to Manifattura Tabacchi, now abandoned. The redevelopment project plans to use the volumes for a Carabinieri (armed forces) Station, businesses and services, through the restoration of the surrounding structures, offices and chimney, including the demolition/reconstruction of the derelict volumes.

A full-height central Bio-climatic Gallery is the cornerstone of the building and the emblem of the station. The glass roof is made of laminated wood beams supported by steel columns and provides natural lighting. The architectural simplicity of its light structural deck in steel and wood ensures it has excellent earthquake-proof performance.


CDP Immobiliare


2018 – In corso


€ 2.500.000


Centola & Associati