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Revitalization of the NATO beach resort of Naples (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Revitalization of the NATO beach resort and Giuliano “Waterfront” of Naples (Italy)

The revitalization of Giuliano Waterfront along the Litorale Flegreo-Domitio, north of Naples, envisages the redevelopment of the former NATO beach resort and the restoration of this naturalistic site through a series of environmental engineering works and the creation of a research, information and environmental education centre for the public.
The environmental regeneration will be achieved by recomposing the dunes and replanting native Mediterranean scrub essences such as myrtle, lentisk, broom and sea lily, as well as enlarging the beach area, creating
small rest areas and a service station complete with urban furnishings, including refurbishment of about 1Km of coastal road through the demolition of barrier wall sections and the addition of bus stops, pedestrian paths and public lighting.

The completion of the former NATO beach resort will allow for the creation of offices and services dedicated to the public and it will be revitalized by limiting its volume in order to minimize the building impact in regards to the fragile landscape environment.

The building will undergo a weight reduction of the roof covering in the centre of the structure, creating three telescopic frames with panoramic sea-land views towards the island of Ischia. Other roof coverings will be made with wooden arbours or other eco-sustainable natural materials.


Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport


2017 – In progress