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Extension of Garage San Marco, Venice (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Extension of Garage San Marco, Venice (Italy)

The project concerns the extension of Garage San Marco, a building that opens onto Piazzale Roma, which is the vehicle terminal and location where Venice’s traffic switches from the land to the water transport.
Located on the Island of Santa Croce, between the Grand Canal, Rio Sant’Andrea, Canale della Scomenzera and the Papadopoli Gardens, the area of Piazzale Roma underwent numerous transformations during the course of last century, with the creation of the Ponte della Libertà, the vehicle terminal and Municipal Car park in the 1930s and more recently the construction of the Ponte della Costituzione in 2008, the completion of the People Mover (driverless tram system) in 2010 and the creation of the Cittadella della Giustizia (Citadel of Justice) in 2012. The Garage San Marco is a post-World War II building and with its Municipal Car Park still represents one of the largest buildings capable of accommodating vehicles wanting to reach the historic city centre from mainland.

The extension is represented by a building that will be adjacent to the north-west wall of the current garage, and it will extend into the neighbouring area of S. Andrea, which is home to Venice’s historical waterworks, and includes the piezometric tower which is soon to be demolished due to its unsafe state.

The new trapezoidal-shaped building will be the same height as the current one. It will have eight floors above ground and will overlook the large area of greenery giving onto a semi underground water basin. The project’s typological features guarantee continuity with the existing building and it is designed to improve its constructional and formal characteristics.
There will be 42 private parking spaces available solely for the use of VERITAS on the ground floor, 50 spaces on the first floor, reserved for the Cittadella della Giustizia, and 404 parking spaces for season ticket holders and other users.
The roof, a parking space for cars, will also house the canopies that will protect the cars and act as supports for the photovoltaic panels.

The building will be in semi-prefabricated reinforced concrete and will be screened with an exterior coating in terracotta that is applied dry onto a supporting frame that will ensure natural ventilation.
The panels will guarantee that the colours will blend in with the buildings overlooking the area of Sant’Andrea, which feature exposed masonry.


Garage San Marco S.p.A.




€ 10.100.000


Milan Ingegneria