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TECLA – The 3D printed house – Milan Ingegneria

TECLA – The 3D printed house

TECLA is a house model designed by Mario Cucinella, created with natural and recyclable materials and, in particular, with the local soil from where it is constructed. It is built using the Crane WASP – World’s Advanced Saving Project – 3D multi-printer technology applied to the construction sector: a substantive innovation in the field of eco-sustainable construction.

TECLA is a design that can be adapted to multiple environmental conditions, the entire process can be carried out and self-produced thanks to the technological support provided by the WASP Maker Economy Starter Kit.

TECLA, which takes its name from “Technology and Clay”, was created in Massa Lombarda and represents a real challenge, as it aims to harness raw soil, a relevant material for the future of the green economy. This system allows you not only to drastically reduce construction times but also eliminate waste and emissions, with a meaningful rethinking of the current concept of housing.

The idea came to light in an effort to give everyone the opportunity to have a home, in a period of exponential population growth and an ensuing housing shortage.




MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects