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The Granarolo Pavilion for Expo 2015, Milan (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

The Granarolo Pavilion for Expo 2015, Milan (Italy)

“Feeding the Planet” and “Energy for Life” are the central themes behind Expo 2015, which includes everything that has to do with the world of food. The Granarolo Group’s stand is designed to take visitors on an interactive journey to learn about the themes associated with milk, from the viewpoint of food, wine and tradition, but also in terms of history, art and culture.
Milk, which is the most excellent of staple foods, has always been associated with the subject of life, birth and motherhood. The space that Granarolo has dedicated to this food takes visitors on a voyage through the history and valuable production of milk by-products that are a part of Italy’s best food traditions. The tasting area represents the “heart” of the pavilion, and shows how the characteristics of Granarolo’s production processes are strongly geared towards qualitative excellence. Milk&fun, Milk for life, Milk Heritage and Milk Show are the thematic areas that develop along the route of this exhibition’s itinerary which includes cylinders, dispensers, touch screen monitors, film screenings and interactive games.

Mario Cucinella’s design takes shape like an artificial galaxy, drawing inspiration from the image of the Milky Way as a tool for organising the voyage along the exhibition’s itinerary. The different thematic areas unravel inside the pavilion that becomes a cavity consisting of superimposed layers of semi-transparent membranes, stretched over a system of aluminium profiles, in a series of curvilinear geometries. The exhibition area has three entrances and two exits, all in different positions so as to avoid bottlenecks along the itinerary that could disrupt the flow of visitors.
The environmentally friendly structure is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The thinking behind the design is that of “deconstructing rather than demolishing” by using dry building systems.


Granarolo SpA




€ 224.000


MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects