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Entrance bridge to the “Triennale Design Museum”, Milan (Italy) – Milan Ingegneria

Entrance bridge to the “Triennale Design Museum”, Milan (Italy)

The Triennale Design Museum (TDM) is located inside the Palazzo dell’Arte which was designed by Giovanni Muzio in 1933. This internationally recognised institution hosts exhibitions, conferences and events on art, fashion, cinema, communication and society. The Triennale Design Museum was inaugurated in 2007 with the aim to promote, preserve and explain the world of design through objects, people, businesses, historical data, concepts and ideas which have contributed to the success of Italy in this field. Works on the TDM began in 2004 with the creation of a library, followed by the restoration of spaces to host the Museum, which opened to the public in 2007. The activities of the Triennale were never disrupted during this period.

Architect Michele De Lucchi signed the architectural design for the restoration of the building and the arrangement of internal museum spaces. He also designed the famous entrance bridge, a walkway made of bamboo, steel and glass linking the large central hall on the first floor to the museum entrance. The bridge is a unique “prototype” consisting of bamboo planks held together by a special type of glue. Strength tests were carried out in the laboratories of the University of Venice, the only institution that accepted to experiment with unregulated materials and technologies.


Fondazione La Triennale di Milano


2003 – 2007


n. d.


aMDL – Arch. Michele De Lucchi con apml – Alessandro Pedron