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Ville a Marrakech (Marocco) – Milan Ingegneria

Villas in Marrakech (Morocco)

Two important villas were built in Marrakech with different construction systems: one with Pisé technique and the other in reinforced concrete.
Both structures are an expression of the type of structures in the area, with enclosed private areas that protect against indiscrete onlooking, typical of Islamic Architecture. The materials, colors and finishes are in harmony with the surrounding nature and fit in perfectly with the landscape.

The first villa features the typical Pisé ochre color, a distinctive aspect of all vertical structure work. This construction technique consists of the building of walls with soil compacted in formwork, excellent for the dry climate of Morocco.

The second is made of a mixed frame/wall system in reinforced concrete with a central “core” and floors supported by a grid of perimeter beams – deliberately large and pre-stressed with post-tension – permitting a better use of the interior spaces, without any pillars or partition walls.


G.V.B. Marrakech SABR


2018 – In progress


HUS – Architetti