Garofalo Paisiello Residential Complex

Milan | Italy


DeA Capital Sgr
Architectural design
MCA Mario Cucinella Architects
Amount of works
30.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Construction management
9,500 square meters
Construction technique
reinforced concrete

Study City: innovation, international vocation, intimacy and authenticity

An urban regeneration intervention rising at the place where Porta Venezia, Città Studi and Centrale meet.
The new Garofalo Paisiello residential complex perfectly embodies the spirit of the neighborhood, in which innovation and international vocation coexist alongside a more intimate and authentic dimension.
It meets the new demands of the historical period in which we are living, flexibility in habits, work, and domestic spaces in light of a changing social and metropolitan context.

The rehabilitation project concerns a rather compact block built in succession between the late 1800s and 1970. The new building, at the intersection of Via Paisiello and Via Garofalo, has nine floors above ground and three basements.
The elevation features large glazed loggias, dynamic geometries, and sophisticated lines, making it relate to the neighborhood in which it fits.

Modularity and flexibility

The new buildings are designed respecting criteria of maximum flexibility: a system based on a 90-cm module, with cantilevered planes that allow for a wide diversification of facades, using interchangeable exterior elements according to the needs for customization of the living space.

Facade detail of new Garofalo Paisiello residential complex in Milan
Facade of new Garofalo Paisiello residential complex in Milan
New Garofalo Paisiello residential complex entrance in Milan

Top down excavation technique

The existing buildings, formerly used as offices, were removed, and the land was catalogued and reclaimed to ensure its suitability for change of use.
Retaining works, with micropile berms, had to be built to create two additional underground levels.
The micropiles were placed along theperimeter of the lot, stabilized through the top down excavation technique, which consists of making portions of the buried slabs at the same time as the excavation operations to ensure the horizontal contrast of the berms.
To ensure the proper functioning of the containment works, both the tops of the berms and the facades of neighboring buildings were equipped with tilt and displacement sensors to monitor the safe and functional condition of the containment works during all phases of excavation.

Construction site top down excavation technique Garofalo Paisiello residential complex in Milan, Italy
Construction sites new residential complex Garofalo Paisiello Milan
Construction sites progress Garofalo Paisiello Residential Complex in Milan
Detail building site Garofalo Paisiello residential complex in Milan
Interior construction site Garofalo Paisiello residential complex in Milan

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