ISMETT 2 Hospital

Carini, Palermo | Italy


Carini, Palermo
UPMC Italy
Architectural design
RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop, CMR Project
Amount of works
180.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design
256 beds
Construction technique
steel, reinforced concrete

A hospital at the center of the Mediterranean

Thanks to its barycentric location with respect to the entire Mediterranean, Carini's ISMETT2 hospital represents a reference point for the Euro-Afro-Asian basin, with which the city has historically always related, cultivating economic and cultural relations.
State-of-the-art technologies ensure efficient management of information related to inpatients as well as that related to hospital staff.

The 256-bed health facility was designed with the harsh experience of the pandemic in mind: there will be 42 intensive care beds in ordinary conditions, and the remaining 214 in sub-intensive care. The areas, which are functionally isolated and independent from those dedicated to the care of ordinary patients, will allow patients with chronic non-communicable diseases to continue to be managed.

Functional organization

The hospital consists of two longitudinal bodies, connected to each other by bridge structures, which are developed on three levels, where inpatient wards, differentiated by apparatus and intensity of care, are organized.
Great attention has also been paid to open space, which is considered a key aspect of patient recovery. It is a hospital surrounded by Mediterranean scrubland.
Functionally, the building houses, in addition to intensive and semi-intensive care, 14 operating rooms, 50 outpatient rooms and advanced diagnostic departments.

The structural solutions

The hospital complex consists of 3 reinforced concrete basement levels and up to 4 floors above ground, built in a mixed steel-concrete structure with collaborating main and secondary beams with corrugated sheet metal horizons. The photovoltaic roof is made of metal carpentry. The mixed-structure blocks are interconnected by the large concrete plate on the ground floor and suspended pedestrian bridges. The metalwork is treated with paints that provide protection against corrosion and pollution and intumescent paints that ensure static resistance in case of fire.

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