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Michelangelo S.r.l.
Architectural design
Park Associates
Amount of works
107.600.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Construction management
32,000 square meters
Construction technique
reinforced concrete

A circular economy project

Recent events saw the former Hotel Michelangelo transformed into the first Covid-19 convalescence center that was active during the most sensitive phase of the pandemic.
Today, the rehabilitation of the building, is a virtuous example of circular economy.
Concrete from the deconstructions, performed with an innovative system, is recycled for the construction of the new building and public space.

The former Hotel Michelangelo has been a symbol of the Milan skyline for more than half a century. The restyling project involves deconstruction to be followed by the recovery of concrete to be reused in the construction of a 100-meter-high office tower.

Render Milan Central Station square and new MI.C towers
Render Milan Central Station square and new MI.C towers
Render detail entrance and lower floors new MI.C towers in Milan
Render detail green terrace area and upper floors new MI.C towers in Milan

The green thorn

Following the demolition are realize two adjacent towers that develop from a curtain volume that binds the complex to its block. On the ground floor the building recedes from its maximum height development, going to generate a natural extension of the square. An articulated system of diverse green spaces running through the building, from the entrance to the common spaces at the top, enhances the overall architectural quality of the whole system.
The dynamic facade adapts and changes consistently with the development of the building's interior life. At floors where the greenery faces the city, the facade opens up, increasing its transparent component and revealing the natural element contained within.

Render new MI.C towers in Milan built on former Michelangelo hotel

An innovative system of controlled deconstruction

Controlled deconstruction of the building is performed with an innovative, safe, environmentally friendly and fast technique. A modular machine, which adapts to the shape of the structure, deconstructs the tower from top to bottom, enclosing within it all that demolition produces, glass, rubble, debris, noise, vibration, dust, water spray. Deconstruction involves 3 floors at the same time and involves several operations such as how to dismantle the facades, floor demolition, and rubble removal. As the work progresses, the platform descends in a controlled manner until it reaches zero level and the building is fully demolished.

Controlled deconstruction site former Michelangelo hotel in Milan
© Nicola Colella
View of Duca d'Aosta Square during controlled demolition of former hotel Michelangelo
© Nicola Colella

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