Pilots Tower for the Port

Genoa | Italy


Genoa Port Authority
Architectural design
RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Amount of works
14.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design
Tower height: 70 m
Construction technique
steel, reinforced concrete, X-lam

A new reference for the city of Genoa

After the 2013 accident in which the Jolly Nero knocked down the control tower of the Port of Genoa, with Renzo Piano we gave the Port Authority the design of the new Pilot Tower. A slender steel structure more than 60 m high.

The new Pilot Tower was designed by architect Renzo Piano to replace the one that was destroyed in the 2013 accident. As part of the larger project for the Levante Waterfront, it is positioned at the tip of the Fair's grand dock, representing a place of memory and a new landmark for the city.
A 66-meter-high steel tower emerges from a two-story concrete service building.
The control cabin at the top is protected by a large square cover with a 30-m side.

Top view of the new Pilot Tower and the Port of Genoa
Top view of the new Pilots' Tower and dock at the Port of Genoa
New Pilot Tower at the Port of Genoa as seen from the sea
Render new pilots tower Port of Genoa

A slender steel and glass structure

The load-bearing structure of the tower is made of 4 concrete-filled steel columns, spaced 3.6 meters apart and connected by steel crossbeams. Bracing on the four sides, made of high-strength steel bars, stiffen the tower and contain its bending and displacement.
The floor of the fully glazed control booth is made of tapered cantilevered steel beams, which support X-Lam panels laid in the thickness of the beams. Floor bracing ensures the formation of a rigid, non-deformable surface. The roof is a 30×30-meter square, consisting of truss beams that taper toward the perimeter to a single profile made by welding plates together. Photovoltaic panels are installed on the top to meet the energy needs of the structure.
Two elevators, with a double-skid locking system and the external emergency staircase, provide ascent.

New Pilot Tower Project for the Port of Genoa
"She will be a sentinel called to watch over a safe harbor."
Renzo Piano

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