Restoration and conservation

Triennial Terrace

Milan | Italy


Milan Triennale
Architectural design
OBR Open Building Research
Amount of works
900.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Construction management
Restoration and conservation
350 sqm
Construction technique

A greenhouse suspended over Simplon Park

On the occasion of Expo 2015, the Milan Triennale restored the rooftop terrace of the Palazzo dell'Arte, creating a restaurant with a privileged view of Sempione Park, the Castello Sforzesco and the Milan skyline.
The project, designed by OBR Studio, was conceived as a fully glazed volume, designed as a greenhouse suspended over the park.

The restaurant on the rooftop terrace of Milan's Palazzo dell'Arte is an entirely transparent pavilion set back from Muzio's historic facade. It is made of thin stainless steel load-bearing profiles, which support sliding glass windows. Inside are the bar, show-cooking area and central lounge, which has become a place of strong urban conviviality.

Restaurant on the rooftop terrace of Milan's Palazzo dell'Arte Triennale
Tables at the restaurant on the Panoramic Terrace of Milan's Palazzo dell'Arte
Restaurant on the rooftop terrace Triennale di Milano
View of the Milan skyline from the rooftop terrace of the Palazzo dell'Arte Triennale di Milano
Milan triennale rooftop terrace restaurant at sunset

A lightweight and modular structure

The pavilion is made of modular stainless steel structure divided into seven bays of 4.7 m.
Although Muzio's design assumed that the practicable roof would be practicable, a load of this magnitude, albeit characterized by a relatively light structure, was not anticipated.
The new structure was designed and built by shifting the loads back to the underlying pillars.
The lightweight, modular carpentry was fabricated and assembled in the workshop and then assembled on site, thus combining state-of-the-art industrial processes with the handcrafted concept of the custom piece and fast construction times.

Detail of modular stainless steel structure used for roofing the rooftop terrace on the Palazzo dell'Arte Triennale di Milano

The bioclimatic greenhouse

The envelope of the pavilion is fully openable through a system of sliding window frames, arranged on the long sides, and folding window frames on the short side.
The windows and doors, thermally broken and made with low-emissivity glass, slide along a series of tracks, integrated within the flooring, so as not to obstruct the passage of staff and customers. The ability to fully open the glazing allows the interior spaces to be naturally ventilated, and to adapt to different needs dictated by the time of day or external weather conditions.

Detail of sliding window frames of the panoramic terrace Palazzo dell'Arte Triennale di Milano

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