TOG Foundation

Milan | Italy


TOG Foundation
Architectural design
arch. Ciro Noja
Amount of works
9.600.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Construction management
3,300 square meters
Construction technique
reinforced concrete

A center that looks to the future of young children

Fondazione TOG is a non-profit organization, established in 2011, which aims to provide the best specialized care for children and young people, suffering from severe neurological diseases. Given the increase in the number of patients to be received and in the number of requests for service, it was necessary to set up a new operational headquarters in the city of Milan, which intends to serve as a global model of support and care for children's neurological disabilities. Thanks to TOG's work, it is possible to identify rehabilitation paths calibrated to the needs of children, under a regime of total gratuity.

The new headquarters of Fondazione TOG is located north of Milan, at the intersection of Via Livigno and Viale Jenner, and stands on the site of an existing building. The facility has two above-ground floors and one basement, and includes a total of 2,800 square meters allocated for care and 450 square meters dedicated to covered parking, storage and technical rooms.

Exterior new headquarters of the TOG Onlus Foundation in Milan
interiors of the new headquarters for the TOG foundation in Milan, Italy.
PIscina inside the new TOG Onlus Foundation headquarters in Milan, Italy.

A sustainable process

The project brings into play all aspects of the sustainable process, from reusing a man-made area to controlling the heat island, from ensuring certified production processes to recycling processing waste. Water conservation and energy production from renewable sources make it a building that tends toward energy self-sufficiency. With 470 square meters of photovoltaic surface area, the building consumes 220 MW/year to meet thermal conditioning needs of 94 kW/h. If one considers that mineral fuel power plants produce 165 tons of CO2/year to produce the same electricity.
Great attention has been paid to user comfort, including therapeutic aspects, through the use of natural light, the opening of spaces to the outside environment, and thermal control.
The process enabled the achievement of LEED Gold certification.

Details photovoltaic roof project new headquarters Fondazione TOG Onlus Milan

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