Restoration and conservation | School and research

Campus Via Celoria State University of Milan

Milan | Italy


University of Milan
Architectural design
ODB Ottavio di Blasi & Partners
Amount of works
68.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structures design | Construction management | Safety coordination
Restoration and conservation | School and research
26,000 square meters
Construction technique
steel, reinforced concrete

Between ancient and modern

In the general perspective of reorganization of the activities and locations of the University of Milan, the program of re-functionalization of the building complex of 10 Via Celoria represents one of the most interesting areas of transformation on an urban scale that will involve the city of Milan in the coming years.
The project includes on the one hand the recovery of the historic buildings and on the other the creation of new volumes intended to contain all the educational functions characteristic of a modern university. A Campus projected toward the future, while remaining in tune with the past, respecting its roots.

At 10 Via Celoria, in the Città Studi university district, the University of Milan is launching an urban regeneration and building reorganization project for the university.
The existing complex consists of ten buildings constructed in the 1930s, which were intended for the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. The intervention includes the renovation of the existing, and the construction of new building bodies, in which are located an auditorium, the Anthropological Museum and a vault intended for the Archives of Word, Image and Editorial Communication.

Render entrance to the new Campus Via Celoria University of Milan
Render Campus Via Celoria 10 University of Milan
Render courtyard new Campus Via Celoria University of Milan

Systematizing project actions

The project involves the complete renovation of the existing buildings, through the complete renovation of systems, reorganization of interior layouts, seismic safety of structures, complete replacement of windows and doors, and dehumidification of basements.
Energy efficiency is ensured by the implementation of a new centralized air conditioning system powered by geothermal heat pumps, thermal insulation of the building envelope, containing energy costs and improving indoor comfort.
The implementation and enhancement of outdoor areas complement the program by allowing full use by students, faculty, researchers and visitors.

Render courtyard and walkway Campus Via Celoria 10 University of Milan

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