Residential | Restoration and Conservation

Restoration of the Hotel Angst

Bordighera | Italy


Angst Real Estate Ltd.
Architectural design
Tectoo Architects
Amount of works
26.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Construction management
Residential | Restoration and Conservation
9,500 square meters
Construction technique
reinforced concrete, steel, wood

A noble past linked to hospitality

The Hotel Angst is a former hotel structure of considerable architectural value and is one of the most important examples in the eclectic style of the late 19th-century French-Italian Riviera. The project proposes a delicate restoration of the facades and valuable interior spaces, which will be designated for communal use. The entire structure will be used as a residence.

Construction of the Hotel Angst was begun in 1887 and completed in the early 1900s, but due to the crisis that resulted from World War II, the facility was closed in 1936 and left in a state of total neglect and decay.
With the rehabilitation project, the building is re-functionalized, with luxury residential use, through the restoration of the facades, the reorganization of the interior spaces for housing and common use areas, and the landscaping of the park, with the recomposition of the green areas and avenues.

Render restoration project hotel Angst Bordighera
Render restoration facade former hotel Angst in Bordighera
Render pool and green area restoration former hotel Angst Bordighera
Render green areas and side view former hotel Angst Bordighera
Detail facade restoration former hotel Angst in Bordighera

Consolidation and seismic retrofitting of structures

As a result of the investigations, the structural framework was found to consist of load-bearing masonry, highly uneven in size and materials, evidencing construction that occurred in several phases, and severely degraded, with missing, demolition marks, mortar deficiency, cracks and fissures.
The partly wood-framed and partly brick-vaulted insulators on steel profiles showed a generalized state of deterioration characterized by missing beams, rotting of wooden elements exposed to weather actions, deformed beams, and planking collapse.
Seismic upgrading was then planned in compliance with current technical regulations, through structural works to consolidate existing masonry, new floors, new extension structures made of metal carpentry, and foundation reinforcement with reinforced concrete subfloors.
The new floors, consisting of steel beams, trapezoidal sheet metal, and concrete collaborating slab, reinforced with electro-welded mesh, make it possible to contain the loads on the foundations and weld the vertical structures, ensuring optimal distribution of horizontal actions and box-like behavior of the building while improving its seismic response.
For the masonry, consolidation was planned with execution of double layer of plaster reinforced with fiberglass mesh and steel bars embedded in the masonry to bind the layers of plaster coating laid by spraying. Where necessary, it was decided to proceed with the reconstruction of the resistant sections using the "scuci-cuci" technique.
Punctual injections of binder mixtures were also provided to improve the mechanical performance of the walls by eliminating cracks and cavities and strengthening the bonds between the components of the masonry itself.

Construction site restuaration and re-functionalization for luxury residential use of the former Hotel Angst in Bordighera
Construction site restoration facade former hotel Angst in Bordighera
Construction site restoration and interior reorganization of former Hotel Angst in Bordighera
Interior site restoration former Hotel Angst in Bordighera
Restoration and consolidation of internal structures former Angst hotel in Bordighera

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