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Former Convent of St. Paulinus - 25Hours Hotel

Florence | Italy


Aire Hotel Florenz Srl.
Architectural design
GLA Genius Loci Architecture
2017 - 2021
Amount of works
24.400.000 €
Services Provided
Structures design | Construction management | Safety coordination
Hotels | Restoration and Conservation
Construction technique
steel, masonry, reinforced concrete

A contemporary and cosmopolitan hotel

Just a stone's throw from Florence train station, the new 25hours Hotel, the first in Italy of the smart hotel chain designed for the urban and cosmopolitan traveler, occupies an entire block of Santa Maria Novella. Located in the complex of the former Convent of San Paolino, later home to the Monte dei Pegni (pawnshop) of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, it has a core of 66 rooms housed in the former monastery attached to the church of the same name.

The new guesthouse is the result of an impressive architectural renovation by GLA firm Genius Loci Architettura, thanks to the careful restoration of some areas, the controlled demolition of others, and newly constructed buildings. The original historic core is complemented by a new outbuilding that has resulted in 104 additional rooms with balconies, as well as a Garden Loft, a small apartment with a private garden and swimming pool.

The former Convent attached to the Church of San Paolino, founded in the 11th century, is located in the historic center of Florence, just a short walk from Santa Maria Novella and Ponte Vecchio. The complex has arrived in its present configuration following numerous interventions: it was rebuilt in the 1600s, remodeled in the 1800s and enlarged in the 1950s.

The property is divided into 3 volumes with a total area of about 11,500 square meters. The restoration project included the construction of a hotel with 171 rooms, restaurant, bar, entrance hall, meeting room and underground parking.

Entrance 25Hours Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence
Inner Courtyard 25Hours Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence
Interiors 25Hours Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence
Roof 25Hours Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence

Playful dimension and openness to the neighborhood

The interior design of the hotel was curated by designer Paola Navone and her team at Studio Otto. Inspired by the Divine Comedy, the multifaceted design mixes Dantean allusions: scenes from hell and heaven alternate in the different common and private rooms.

The heart of the hotel, at the center of the historic building, is the restaurant set under the huge glass dome. Arranged around it are a lush courtyard that brings light into the interior spaces, a bar, and a typical traditional-style store. Access from the small St. Pauline Square is open to the neighborhood, its residents and tourists.

Interior Design 25Hours Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence

Intervention on existing and extension

The recovery of the religious complex of St. Paulinus required careful and rigorous restoration work. Masonry consolidation work was carried out to preserve and strengthen the walls of the building, ensuring their integrity over time. In addition, a thorough cleaning of the walls was carried out, restoring the religious complex to its original beauty. Areas that had damaged joints were repaired and repaired, ensuring solid cohesion between the different parts of the building. Only after ensuring the stability and safety of the existing structure, excavation operations were started to build the new basement floors envisioned by the expansion project. The building was literally suspended on the existing foundation to allow excavation below. During the operations, historic rooms not shown in the maps were unearthed. This meticulous restoration process made it possible to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of St. Paulinus, making it possible for visitors and guests to enjoy it in a safe environment.

25Hours Restoration Yard Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence
25Hours Restoration Yard Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence
25Hours Restoration Yard Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence
25Hours Restoration Yard Hotel Convento San Paolino Florence

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