New Passenger Terminal at the Port of Messina

Messina | Italy


Port Authority of Messina
Architectural design
ODB Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners
Amount of works
3.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design | Plant design
1,600 square meters
Construction technique
reinforced concrete, steel, laminated wood

A new landing

The growth of the cruise industry has prompted the Port Authority of Messina to acquire a new Maritime Terminal. The new Terminal is a totally transparent building with a highly recognizable lightweight corrugated roof made of laminated wood.

The terminal covers an area of 1,600 square meters and has been designed to ensure maximum functionality throughout the year. Services, kiosks, stores, tourism offices, and restaurants have been arranged along the side, which faces the city. On the waterfront, the total transparency of the shell was maintained, allowing passengers to look out to the horizon of the Mediterranean.
The modular distribution system ensures flexibility in space utilization, depending on passenger flows.
The facility is also designed to be converted into a venue for concerts or public events.

Render new passenger terminal at the Port of Messina as seen from the sea
Render new passenger terminal at the Port of Messina as seen from the sea
Render new passenger terminal at the Port of Messina as seen from the side of a cruise ship
Interior rendering of new passenger terminal at the Port of Messina

The glulam roofing

The sea is captured in the shapes of the roof, which features a wave-like profile. Completely clad in aluminum, it has an inverted waveform pattern that makes it dynamic.
Lightweight, inexpensive and durable wooden laminated beams support the roof structure, ensuring the undulating shape. The entire roof system is carried by two main beams running along the east-west axis, supported by a series of steel tripod columns.

Glulam roofing detail with profile that recalls wave motion

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