School and research

Roma Tre Rectorate

Rome | Italy


CAM S.r.l.
Architectural design
MCA Mario Cucinella Architects
Amount of works
43.000.000 €
Services Provided
Structure design
School and research
12,000 square meters
Construction technique
reinforced concrete, steel

A shared space between university and city

The new Rector's Office building is an example of educational architecture, with a language unmistakably reminiscent of the gasometers that have always characterized the district's skyline.
Flexibility and spatial fluidity are hallmarks.
The open space is divided into two levels. The first is pedestrian space open to the city and context. The second, reserved for university users, is a roof garden, onto which the lecture hall and offices overlook.

The new Rectorate of Roma Tre is part of the Ostiense-Marconi redevelopment plan signed by the University and the City of Rome. The project is spread over three nine-story buildings with large glass walls, which house aula magna, spaces for teaching, meetings and rectorate, telematics plaza, secretariats and offices. The plaza in front is intended as a connecting element equipped for events and performances.

Bird's eye view of the new Rectorate University of Rome 3
Overhead view of the new rectory University of Rome 3© Moreno Maggi
Columns and green areas new rectorate University of Rome 3
Towers of the new Rectorate University of Rome 3 seen from below
Side view towers of the new rectory University of Rome 3

Technology and sustainability

The complex consists of three elliptical towers between 11 and 9 stories, connected by an elevated plaza with a series of curvilinear-shaped holes with a lighting function.
The thickness of the plate is 400 mm and is tapered at the holes and perimeter.
The towers, which house the offices of the Chancellor, Management and the University Secretariat, consist of pillars arranged around the perimeter and reinforced concrete solid slabs. The need to have the conference rooms on the floors, free from the pillars, is ensured by the use of a coffered floor consisting of pairs of solid slabs, which in turn rest on columns of mixed steel-concrete section.
The staircase and elevator cores of the three towers serve as the stiffening element of the entire structure.
The facades of the towers feature full-height vertical aluminum elements in green and white that protect against the sun's rays.
The project was developed according to the principles of passive design and environmental sustainability to minimize energy demand for the building's operation and needs, while optimizing comfort levels in indoor and outdoor areas.

Detail facades of the towers of the new Rectorate University of Rome 3

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